“Round and Round”

Going in circles seems to fascinate kids. Merry-go-rounds certainly capitalize on this joyful movement. Not only did the horses go in a circle, they also went up and down as music played. I wanted to stay on the horse and go again, and no doubt this face shows me advocating for such a chance.

Several toys in my childhood also featured spinning. My favorite was a simple top such as this one

It required no skill. You pumped the handle up and down for a bit and then let go. It twirled around the room making a satisfying sound as it rotated.

Later I received a gyroscope for Christmas, but I had no luck with it. I think it needed a bit more coordination and time than I gave it. However, this Christmas I gifted my grandchildren with a gyroscope based whirling, spinning, floating toy. As it lit, twirled and soared around the room, I remembered how joyful spinning can be.

Flynova Flying Spinner Pro (no money to me, just wanted to share name)

33 thoughts on ““Round and Round”

  1. I had an identical spnning top, made from tin plate. I pushed the handle up and down and watched it spinning, just like you. A simple pleasure that kept me amused for a very long time. No batteries required. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I had the top but riding any amusements was out of reach for us. We spent endless hours spinning our jacks, often trying to bump them into one another. I bought a similar flying gyroscope for my grandson. He loved it! And the Merry Go Round was a playground staple.

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  3. When I was growing up all the playgrounds had some type of spinning carousel ride. You’d run and jump on and round and round you’d go. An adult might be there helping with a strong arm to keep it going. It was always the preferred ride on the playground but I just realized I don’t see them much anymore. It seems like everything has been replaced by something to be climbed.

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  4. As someone else said, fairground carousels were out of our price range but the playground roundabout definitely wasn’t (free fun for all). And yes Susanne is right….they’re just not there anymore. I think ‘elf and safety and fear of law suits at the local council has something to do with that. But weren’t they fun…even if it you did end up with a a sickly head spinning feeling.

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  5. The thing was, we thought these were the best and most fascinating things around. I’m not against electronics, but some kids will never understand how we didn’t need to be on our phones all day long.

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      1. Well, I thought so too until I attended many Jeanine Fitzgerald conferences. She is an expert when it comes to what kids need, particularly tough kids. To make a long story short, one of her conferences was about the seven movements that are fundamental for children. Since schools have to be very careful, children cannot take risks anymore. Oh, I will stop now, because otherwise I will go on and on.

        One of the key movements is spinning. I also know this through OTs and experts on the benefits of outdoor play. So, I made up a song that incorporates all these seven movements. I play it on the autoharp (to the tune of the Addams Family theme song), and children LOVE it, because they need these movements.


  6. Think of all those circle games. “Old Macdonald”, Ring-a-ring of Roses and all the rest. There are comfort and risk taking potential in the circle. You can stay in the comfort zone of the inner ring. Or venture out to the next ring for adventure and new experiences. But best not go out too far. That way lies panic.

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        1. I think I did have a rabbit too, but I loved my teddies most of all. The one exception was my cabbage patch doll. My parents got me one the same caramel colour as me. I was ecstatic! Do you know the REALLY old ones with the rock hard heads? I bust my lip wide open on that thing every night. 😂


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