“What Did You Get?”

(Not all currently in use in United States)

When we used to return to school after Christmas we would all have exchanges around “what did we get” as gifts. It was as common a question as “what did you do last summer” when we came back in September. Fast forward many years and the refrain everywhere around me is “what did you get?” In this case did we receive the Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson covid vaccination?

We have each received whichever was available when we went to get our shots, but this doesn’t seem to have stopped the conversations. Since my friends have mainly received just the first dose, we note whether we have a three week(Pfizer) or four week(Moderna) wait until the second dose or no wait at all for the Johnson & Johnson one dose vaccine.

A year ago you could not have paid me enough to believe that there would be a vaccine, much less three, available for this scourge. And you certainly would have had me laughing at the notion I would be comparing which one I got. What a difference a year makes!

36 thoughts on ““What Did You Get?”

  1. I too signed up for the first available shot. It is indeed a topsy turvy world. I agreed to get a flue shot in August, the two Covid shots, and this week my pneumonia shot. I would have bet dollars to donuts that I was done with vaccines years ago.


  2. This scenario would be a dream in Massachusetts. I am 70 and a teacher (both qualify for the vaccine), yet every day there are no available appointments anywhere. You might have read about this nightmare. ‘Nuff said.


    1. That’s shocking, Jennie. All of the active teachers I know in California who want the vaccine have had one or two injections.

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  3. We’re still waiting patiently. I’ll gladly take whatever comes my way. Considering the alternative, I don’t know why this is such a tough choice.


  4. Most Canadians are still waiting for our first dose. Our government has decided that it could be up to 4 months between doses so that available supplies can be used to get a first dose into as many arms as possible. I will accept whatever I am given and hope for maximum efficacy.


  5. It’s too bad all the states couldn’t have been on the same page, it is different everywhere. In Vermont, we just opened up on Monday for age 65 and I was able to schedule my first shot for last Friday. At that time, they scheduled me for my second shot in four weeks.


    1. It is very frustrating to so many people that the requirements are so different from state to state. People from out of state have tried to get shots here, but they are unqualified.

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  6. I haven’t got nothing yet and will not for a while. On Finland we are now vaccinating elder people who have some illnesses. We have not enough vaccines yet, need more…Just have to wait… and wait some more…


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