“A Perfect Post”

I woke up at 3 in the morning last night and composed a perfect post. It had a witty title, read with ease, made a good point in just enough words, was sure to engage my readers, and was laid out in my mind. I was so certain that I would remember the whole thing in the morning that I didn’t write it down. I awoke this morning with no clue about that post. It apparently has disappeared into the ether of my brain.

It is one thing to forget why I came into a room or to forget to return a call in “just a few minutes.” But this, I assure you was a perfect post. And it is gone. No matter how I lay down on the bed again(maybe posture will bring it back) or huffed and puffed around the kitchen fixing breakfast(maybe it needs a distraction) I could not grab hold of a single thought to retrieve it.

Well all I can say is I guess you have to believe me. I certainly do!

56 thoughts on ““A Perfect Post”

  1. Welcome to my world.
    I keep a notebook and pencil under my pillow these days (and of course, rarely get inspiration since putting them there).
    If nothing else, writing down all those things I remember around 3am that I forgot to do and MUST do in the morning helps me get them out of my head so I can go back to sleep.

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  2. I’ve had the same experience so many times, I no longer trust myself to remember that “great idea” I had in the middle of the night, so I force myself to get up and jot it down — usually just the ‘perfect title’ for a post I’m working on, or the “perfect word” that eluded me to replace a word in a sentence which didn’t seem quite right when I wrote it. If I try to “jot down” more than that, it’s hard fall back to sleep….but there are times you’ve got to “strike while the iron is hot” and keep writing. After all, what’s a little loss of sleep to ‘artistes’ like us!

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  3. I’ve lost poems galore that way. On my morning walks (although they are temporarily suspended at the moment) I now use my phone to record any snippets I think of. I have, in the past, repeated a few phrases over and over to keep them in mind, only to meet someone, say good morning, and forget the lot!

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  4. I have ideas for posts all the time when out walking. I compose the post. It’s always gone by the time I get home. I sympathize, Elizabeth. I’ve missed reading your words!


  5. To have a dream stay in our memory it has to be there in our thoughts on waking for at least 20 minutes otherwise it’s completely gone.
    I’m sure it was one of the best you have ever composed Elizabeth.


  6. Oh, I believe you. The post will come back to you at some odd time, when you least expect it. I now write everything down. Hubby laughs when I save envelopes just for that purpose. I call this aging.


  7. Unfortunately, this keeps happening with greater frequency to me now. I have started writing things down, even if I’m in bed when a thought occurs. It permits me to go to sleep. Now, if I could just remember where I left that damn note?


  8. Hi Elizabeth, having now written an adult novel based on real historical facts, I know how difficult it is to do all the research and make sure the whole book rings true. I think it is more difficult to use real characters as you are then restricted by their lives rather than a fictional character in a situation which leaves more scope for invention for the writer. This book sounds good.


  9. It will come back to you in a few weeks. I think it needed to think itself through. May be it is not ready for the limelight yet. A lot of my stories are written at night when I’m too tired to type, lost the next morning until a word, a situation, a conversation brings it back–complete and improved. Just wait.


  10. No no no. You, dear Elizabeth and all your readers have completely missed the point. You DID write the perfect post. Look at it! Listen to all those bells ringing in heads all over the world— boing boing boing, just like me. And seriously, I’m done with draft posts and 3am scribbles. The post that actually happens is usually a spur of the moment, grab-it-on-the-run notion.


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