“An Aunt and an Ort, 2″

Aunt Cary was the most glamorous woman I knew. My mother was frazzled with her three children and one on the way. Aunt Cary remained single throughout her life, lived in New York City, and had the luxury of velvet skirts, stylish hair and very high heels. Here I hand her an ash tray so that she won’t have to look for one. A chain smoker, Cary rarely was without one of her Camels.

Many years later I learned that my mother and aunt had a falling out this particular Christmas. They disagreed vehemently about my parents’ marriage. I am sure it looked very different to each of them. At any rate, she didn’t visit again for a few years. I knew nothing of that. I was just glad that she had brought me a very pretty dress and a French lollipop with a flower center. An exotic treat since we rarely had candy. I couldn’t wait until she came again.

23 thoughts on ““An Aunt and an Ort, 2″

  1. Credit to your mom and aunt for not airing their disagreement and spoiling Christmas for everyone. I’ve watched parents bring their children into the middle of these disputes, and that’s not fair to the kids.


  2. I am so enjoying these reflections of your aunt. When did you see her again after that Christmas? Thank goodness you were not privy to the disagreement.


  3. Isn’t it so funny how you remember things as a child?? I have memories like that too where I only focus on one thing and then now years later I talk to my family about it and they tell me a whole different story! Lol


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