“Promise of Spring”

Spring comes to New England at the end of March, and its first signs are beginning to appear. Here a bed of snow drops, surrounded by the pine straw mulch, have made their appearance. The squirrels are chasing each other around with amorous intent. Male cardinals sing their hearts out. While we haven’t yet seen the robins return to nest under the deck, we are keeping our eye out. Two nights ago unseasonable warmth allowed us to eat outside, socially distanced, from family members we had only seen out the window for months.

A less welcome sure sign of spring is the roar of another motorcycle, still convinced that the three block straightaway of our street cries out for speed and noise. Clearly these over the hill riders remain unconvinced that their wide open highways are behind them!

Snow still remains possible with the last frost expected around April 30. While the ground is still too hard to turn over, Charlie has been able to prune the vines of grape and raspberry and cut back the blueberry bushes. A great beginning to a warmer and brighter time of year.

27 thoughts on ““Promise of Spring”

  1. We had snowdrops in late January, and now have daffodils and crocuses. The insects are beginning to appear on sunny days, a sure sign that the weather might be about to warm up. But given the mud, and heavy rain this evening, I think I will wait until April for any sign of a ‘real Spring’.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. What a delight for you as a family to sit together outside in the warmth of Spring, Elizabeth. 😀
    Our Autumn chill has been interrupted by some lovely warm days lately almost feeling like Spring again!


  3. This is often an unusual weather pattern this time of year. Lots of cold and snowy days mixed with temperatures in the 60s.


  4. I can’t even begin to understand a squirrel – antics or not. We have no such critter here in New Zealand, but it sounds fun their “romantic gestures” although I’ve heard they are not much liked in regards to bird seed feeders…


  5. You have a much longer winter than we do, Elizabeth. Ours is about 8 weeks of really colder weather, but still hot in the day, and another 2 months of fairly cool weather but the rest of the year is hot and hotter.


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