“Return of the Robins”

If you look carefully under the right hand side of the overhang, you can see the beginnings of a new nest for the robins. You might notice several other objects including a covered smoker, a covered patio heater, a porch swing and parts of two chairs. Normally the juxtaposition of these objects and the nest might be interesting but nothing more. But in the case of this nest and these deck furnishings, an intense territorial dispute lies ahead.

I had hoped that the ongoing conflict between family members wanting to enjoy the deck and the robins trying to protect their nest would not be repeated this summer. Perhaps, I thought, they would move their nest to avoid these clashes. Apparently they held out a similar wish that they could have the deck to themselves. No such luck for either of us.

Last summer the robin had three separate broods of eggs, topping the average of two. But this robin mother was not only fruitful but also seemingly “possessed” according to the children wanting to sit on the porch swing. She saw her nest as the perfect launching pad for aerial assaults on those below. She never actually collided with anyone, but she certainly made relaxing on the deck a concept more than a reality.

First a war on zoysia, soon the revenge of the robins. Who says retirement is drama free?

41 thoughts on ““Return of the Robins”

  1. For a couple years we had a fox that lived under our deck. One day I walked toward the deck and she stood at the other end of the deck yipping furiously at me. Then I looked in the other direction and noticed I was standing between her and a pair of her kits. Oops. I backed away and used the other door to go into the house. LOL


  2. One day I was walking home from high school and had a red-winged-blackbird divebomb me several times. It got startingly close, and I couldn’t understand why this bird apparently had it in for me. I didn’t realize until later that I must have been close to its nest.


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