“Blog Interrupted”

Our elderly dog has been very ill and I have been away from the writing desk during this time.

I hate to disappear without explanation, and know that I will return to regular posting and commenting soon.

20 thoughts on ““Blog Interrupted”

  1. So sorry to hear about your dog, Elizabeth. I am well-aware how a beloved pet being ill can affect everyday life. Fingers crossed for a good outcome.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Thanks for the update, you’ve definitely been missed! So sorry about your dog, I know how difficult it is to have a sick pet, or one nearing the end. Hopefully it’s not his time yet.


  3. Having been through this so many times in the past, I know how hard saying goodbye to an old friend. One of my best friends, who regularly has 3-4 dogs in his posse, once told me, “Of course, we’re going to be sad. It’s okay to shed some tears when you’ve spent ten or more years with your dog. It is a tradeoff I will make again and again.” His point articulates my feelings exactly.


  4. I do hope things work out for your wonderful dog, Elizabeth. I recently went through moments you are having. Ours pulled through, but it was draining during the wait to find out.


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