“Acquainted With Grief”

Emily Dickinson 1847 portrait

Emily Dickinson expresses the truth about grief as poignantly as any writer I know. In fact Anne Morrow Lindbergh used the line “Hour of Lead” when she wrote about the kidnapping and murder of her first child. I especially like the central section where she articulates our ability to keep going but in a pretty mechanical way when we are hit by grief.

I have been away from the blog for a while as I have been dealing with the grief that came up as our beloved dog died. While losing a valued pet is deeply sad, old submerged grief finds a way to piggy-back on a current opportunity, hoping that it will get a chance to be aired. That has happened to me. I am slowly regaining my footing and will begin to write again on a pretty regular basis. I miss the interaction and love when it is a big part of my life. Clearly I missed some of your posts. If there is something I really ought to know that happened in the last three weeks (a death, a marriage, a move, etc.) please feel free to write me directly at betsyfrompike@earthink.net and I will be sure to respond by email.

28 thoughts on ““Acquainted With Grief”

  1. I understand your absence after the death of a beloved pet. I don’t even want to think about what happens when we lose Ollie.
    Nothing to worry about on my blog, though I did start a new serial recently. That will be too much to catch up on, so ease yourself back in gently, Elizabeth.
    Best wishes, Pete. x


  2. I’m sorry you’ve been sidelined by grief. Thanks for sharing it with us, and I pray you will feel energized to write again. You didn’t miss anything important in my posts.


  3. Sad to read that you have been sidelined by grief, Elizabeth, but pleased to hear that you are beginning to re-emerge, so to speak. Take care, and be gentle to yourself


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