“Beach Read”

Perfect Beach Read

I love well written, deeply plotted, character and descriptive rich novels. I also need to have a “beach read” every summer. The qualifications for my definition of a “beach read” are pretty basic. Preferably the cover should feature a drawing of the beach. Failing that, however, in the case of the book pictured above, plot can qualify it. The plot should be utterly predictable, involving two unlikely people forming, despite all obvious obstacles, a romantic connection. I prefer no mention of throbbing or thrusting, both of which distract me from my purpose of reading such a novel–to completely relax.

A good “beach read” has many of the characteristics of going to the actual beach. There you probably consume food you don’t usually eat at home even though it doesn’t contribute to your health goals. You probably feel no need to “account” for your time spent. You probably lose track of time and commitments. You may do “touristy” things that you are too “sophisticated” to do back home. Your inner sloth emerges quite happily.

In my experience beach reads are a woman’s secret summer pleasure. I don’t know if there is a male equivalent. But I can recommend the very silly summer publication of The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren. A total tech nerd invents a machine to pair people by genetic tests. A dubious woman takes the test on a dare. The predictable ensues. Enjoy.

21 thoughts on ““Beach Read”

  1. I love the idea of beach read. It is fun. Though we have not gone to the beach for a long time, there are some books which are fun. Recently I read books by Marie Bostwick. I liked them. Here books have quilting as the centre of all activities of the characters. How are you? It has been a long time. I could not attend the meeting on Sunday. Take care.


  2. Beach reads are so important. Especially as an English/Literature teacher, I find that sometimes my brain just needs the relaxing aspects of fluff reads (though I personally don’t mind throbbing and thrusting). If you are looking for a suggestion, I might point you toward Enchanted, Inc. by Shanna Swendson. I wrote a blog post with other suggestions awhile back if you are interested in checking it out (https://classroomandkitchen.wordpress.com/2018/08/03/my-summer-isnt-over-yet/).

    Happy Reading!


  3. Hi Elizabeth, your beach reads are just like my pregnancy reads. When I was pregnancy I only read light romances where everything turned out happily in the end. I agree that these books are perfect to relax with.


  4. My beach reads are finally having time to read a good book, and that is delightful. My best beach read was Kane and Abel, by Jeffrey Archer. I remember like it was yesterday. Second best was The Godfather. Oh, the book is far better than the movie. I know I’m speaking to the choir.


  5. I love how you describe a beach novel. My summer reads, pre-retirement, had to be light hearted and fun. I rarely read non-fiction during the school year. Now all year is summer and reading choices are whatever makes me happy.


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