“Quite Peachy”

As advertised

Some time in the early spring I received an advertisement for the “Peach Truck.” It was a very cheerful message, painting the story of a young couple in Nashville, Tennessee who traveled the country stopping at various places to sell peaches. Knowing how much Charlie loves Southern peaches, I put in an order to pick up a crate in late June. I eagerly awaited the delivery and the produce.

We drove to the appointed meeting place and looked around for the pickup truck and the friendly young people vending sweetness to the North. Failing to see anything looking like the ad, I looked around further. Then I spotted

In actuality

OK. I had fallen for the pitch. We picked up a crate of rock hard peaches from South Carolina, headed home, and spread 25 pounds of peaches out on a cloth in the basement to, as the young man who handed them over said, “get soft.” Well if I had wanted rock hard peaches, I would have bought them from the local grocery.

Since I had given the crate to Charlie for his birthday I was very disappointed. But the story has an excellent ending. The peaches did in fact ripen. And their flavor far surpassed any we had eaten in many years. Juicy, full of intense peach flavor, they finally lived up to Charlie’s standard for the “perfect peach.”

Now about having 25 pounds of ripe peaches at once….(stay tuned)

32 thoughts on ““Quite Peachy”

      1. Maybe my accent is reverting to childhood. I grew up in West Tennessee. I don’t think it changed much, but my old friends said I sounded like a Yankee and New Yorkers spotted me as Southern when I said hello.


  1. It might be time to make some friends happy as well. Twenty-five pounds of peaches goes a long way.


  2. I’m so glad that it worked out in the end! Although – has it? 25lbs of peaches is a lot to process! Looking forward to hearing what comes next!


  3. I’m glad your peaches ripened to Charlie’s perfection. So, I will buy local rock hard peaches and see if they will ripen on a cloth in the basement.


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