The “Mother Ship”

King Arthur Baking (pre-COVID!)

I do a lot of baking and have since I was a girl. My first oven was a burn risk toy electric stove. Then I met Mrs. Wade, leader of my Camp Fire Girls troop, and really learned the ropes. She taught me how to make muffins without the dreaded “tunnels.” Her kitchen was well equipped, very unusually so in the 1950’s, and she even had a marble slab to use to roll out pie dough.

Even before I moved to New England, I had begun using King Arthur Flour for my bread. But once we moved within range of their main store in Norwich, Vermont, I tried to stop in whenever our travels took us anywhere near. Of course we have gone nowhere since September of 1999. But recently, seeing that Vermont had as low covid rates as we did, we planned an overnight trip to Norwich. If we were younger, it might have been a day trip, but we aren’t. So tomorrow we drive the two and a half hours to Norwich, have lunch outside the store, and buy any new products that appeal to me. (And that would be a lot of things!)

We are staying over in an inn and then exploring Quechee Gorge, a Vermont State Park, in the morning. Depending on the rain, I may get a few photos worth posting.

Have I mentioned we are going on a trip?!!!!

33 thoughts on “The “Mother Ship”

  1. Have a wonderful time! I love KA, it is just a half hour from here, and I went there a few weeks ago, first time in a year and a half. FYI, the cafe still has no indoor seating, but lots outside and under tenting, and the shelves in the kitchen store are more widely spaced apart, so they had to reduce some of their inventory a bit.
    But it is still wonderful. You can order in, online, or by phone, and when your order is ready, sit outside, and there’s still a remarkable inventory of products. They are still doing their demonstrations as well.
    We are at 82.89% vaccinated, but most businesses are still being quite cautious: If fully vaccinated, many shops let you come in without a mask, although most employees still wear a mask. And social distancing is still encouraged.
    Have a great time!

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  2. I love Vermont. Growing up in Worcester, MA, I had two aunts who had cabins in Tunbridge and Stratford (not sure about this town name). We’d use the Tunbridge camp for deer hunting in November. Just being in the woods was a thrill.


  3. I. AM. SO. EXCITED. I’ve made this trip twice, and loved everything that you’re planning to do. Don’t forget the Simon Pearce store! Please tell all when you return, and enjoy every minute of Vermont.


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