“Cautious Reentry”

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I began this blog five years ago in July of 2016, before Trump and before Covid. I did it rather as a lark to get my writing muscles toned up again in preparation for longer, much postponed, writing projects. To my surprise, it turned into an activity totally unexpected. It became a vehicle for sharing, albeit cautiously, about Trump and Covid. Most importantly, especially during the enforced 15 month quarantine, it kept me connected to a world of other writers. Before I started writing I had no idea how rich in connections my life would become through the simple vehicle of a blog.

But recently, I took several weeks off, rather like an academic sabbatical, to question what plans I had for the future for my blog. I considered signing off all together, but that felt rather like severing a limb, so that idea died. Then I thought about a regular structure, such as once a week. But that didn’t fit with the way ideas actually come to me, in small bursts rather than in one long piece. So instead, I have come back.

What do I write about? Well it has always been quite eclectic, from childhood reminiscences, to book reviews, to observations on New England, to food I find on the road, to artists we collect on the travels we take when not locked down. So I expect the blog will continue in exactly the same vein. I have ignored all sorts of advice for a “successful blog,” whatever that means. I don’t focus on one theme. I don’t try to reach a huge audience. I don’t have a predictable schedule. But I do respond to all comments, not including spam of course, and I do comment on a wide assortment of other writers’ posts.

I will be seeing you again, as often as the mood strikes. And it seems to be striking pretty regularly once again!

51 thoughts on ““Cautious Reentry”

  1. I love your blog, Elizabeth. The broad topics and no real schedule suit me fine. I think most of your followers will feel the same way. Please keep writing.


    1. I love all your little people. I spent a couple of early years teaching Head Start for three year olds and remember the joy of that. Thanks for the encouragement of my “eclectic” and sometimes erratic blog.

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  2. I totally get it. I’ve been at it over 5 years too and sometimes wonder whether I should continue. Do I have anything more to say? Should I be on some sort of schedule for consistency, as I have spurts of creativity followed by days of drought. But like you I’ve decided to do what makes me happy. Go with the flow and post what and when I want to.

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  3. Yes to all of what you wrote … exercising writing muscles, finding friends especially during Covid and isolation, and sometimes wondering about the “why” of a blog. Like you I post when inspired not in a schedule. I look forward to your meanderings!

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  4. One of the reasons I’m attracted to your blog, Elizabeth, is that it doesn’t follow a formula. I’ve read a lot of that so-called “blogging wisdom,” and much of it is written by people who have thousands of “followers” with little engagement. I think we have to forge our own path and do what works for us. I needed a short break, and I took it. I’ll never be that guy who blogs each day or on a specific day of the week. That sounds too much like a job. My only prerequisite is I’ll continue to do it as long as it’s fun.


  5. I love your ‘attitude.’ Write what you please and when you please. To repeat a quote from one of my recent posts:
    “The whole duty of a writer is to please and satisfy him[her]self.” –E. B. White

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  6. I would have greatly missed you if you had stopped blogging. I was wondering where you had gone, and now glad to know it was just an extended break.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  7. I go around this cycle regularly, especially in the last year or so. But I can’t bring myself to stop completely. As others have said, this is your blog to use and enjoy as you wish, when you wish. I for one, am very glad that you are planning to continue. I always enjoy your writing, Elizabeth.


  8. Welcome back! I have a similar attitude about blogging. When it comes “write” down to it, it’s about practicing the craft of writing but keeping it enjoyable!


      1. I wrote for many years as a newspaper and radio news reporter and had to work to deadlines and schedules. Once I moved to other paths, I decided that I would set my own schedule and live my life by my own rhythms. This feels right to me, and I don’t fret about getting anything done according to an arbitrary schedule. Dance when you want to dance, write when you want to write!


  9. It’s ALWAYS good to see you and your posts Elizabeth. But – take the pressure off, take it easy, do what you feel like when you feel like it.

    And most of all – stay safe from this resurgent plague. (Blast those who have been ignorant and selfish and helped this thing morph and grow. )


    1. Thank you so much. I had to laugh at the woman picketing with a “My Body, My Choice” about Covid. What makes me suspect she might have a different reaction to that same sign in a different context!!


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