“Listen Around the World”

As Pete mentioned in his comment to me regarding yesterday’s post about Merlin, the bird song identifying App, modules are available for each part of the world. You just have to look at the list of available packets and download the appropriate one/ones. I am using Northeastern Birds of North America. But they also include such diverse collections as four sections of India, New Zealand, South Africa, and four different European ones. Look for the menu called Bird Packs on the App to find the one you want to add to your phone

I thank Pete for finding the England pack and alerting me to all the various FREE choices.

25 thoughts on ““Listen Around the World”

  1. David’s (Taskerdunham) point is interesting. I have often wonderd if dogs bark in different languages, depending where they live. I decided that dog language must be universal, and I am sure that applies to birds too.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. those little tweeters get about, don’t they?
    Downloaded the app yesterday, but it was dull and wet here so few birds were singing. It will be with me when we walk the dogs today. Gotta find out what those birds are that burble around the reservoir.


  3. I tried it out yesterday although August is not a good month for birdsong. Straight away I discovered that the pheasant – we know well its raccous alarm call – also has a song. I can see me using this app a lot!


  4. I have loved this app for years and the new sound feature is a nice addition. I have the entire east coast loaded because we are in the migration path of so many great birds.


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