“Puppy Prep”

We met our dog trainer for a 90 minute Zoom meeting this morning in preparation for driving up to Vermont tomorrow to get our puppy. Her present name is Eleven since she was the 11th puppy in the litter, born after the breeder had gone to sleep rightfully assuming ten was sufficient. But then came Eleven. We are naming her Emmy after Emmy Lou Harris, well known to people our age I imagine. Our granddaughter also likes a pop singer named Emmy, so we all are happy with her name. I can’t see me standing outside yelling “Eleven, Eleven.” People would probably think it was a new QAnon password.

I got a little overwhelmed hearing about the needs of a new puppy since it had been 15 years since we had one. We learned about crate training, potty breaks, feeding, and initial socialization. I forgot for a short while that I really miss having a dog around and a dog starts out as a puppy! After we spoke with her this morning we remembered bringing home new babies and how disruptive they are for a while. Fortunately dogs mature much faster than little humans.

I will post a few pictures of Eleven/Emmy as soon as I take some. For a few days I will probably share the joys and travails of a new creature in the family.

34 thoughts on ““Puppy Prep”

  1. I hope it all goes well with Emmy, though I have no doubt it will. As for all the ‘modern methods’, I would personally take all that with a pinch of salt. Just love it, walk it, and feed it, and try not to leave it alone for long periods. The dog will know when it is well off, and will reward you with companionship and good behaviour.
    Best wishes,, Pete.

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  2. I hope Emmy is a winner, and problems are few,
    And she matures ” much faster than little humans” do….
    Which shouldn’t be hard, no matter how small
    Because some little humans never mature at all!

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  3. Emmy is such a sweet name! How nice that you get to have a new little body tumbling around the house. Keep the shoes out of sight and as Pete says, nurture Emmy and she will be fine – that does not mean she won’t chew up a few things with those baby teeth though! 💕


      1. Oh, that would be worse than murdering someone nowadays. How dare you suggest that a dog should be allowed to have a normal dog life. I mean, it could go out and lick someone gratuitously, or bark at a passing bird!


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