“Let Me In!”

I looked up from my living room chair to see Emmy peering in at me from the window. She had jumped up onto the picnic table to stare mournfully in. I must say she has an ability to jump that surprises me. You may be able to tell from her paws that she has been frolicking in the mud. No hard freeze here yet, so the yard is her mud pit of fun.

Happy New Year to all, those indoors and those wishing they were!

27 thoughts on ““Let Me In!”

  1. Oh, Emmy, you have discovered how wonderful mud is. Do you know we have a mud kitchen on the playground? The boot clean-up takes some time before the children come inside. Maybe Mom and Dad need a dishpan of water and a towel on the porch for your paws? Have fun in the mud!


  2. lol anyone out there here, over the past few days would have been yelling ‘let me in’!
    I’m not complaining about no warm weather at the moment – we’ve had temps over 38c/86f going up to 40c/104f and even I have been staying indoors in the cool.😎
    Happy New Year Elizabeth to you and all you love
    Take care


  3. Happy New Year, Elizabeth! Beautiful dog. A puppy yet? We are constantly wiping Daisy’s feet but still get paw prints on lighter rugs. And the shedding? Oh, my! But she’s my wife’s best friend…


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