“Slip Sliding Away”

No, I haven’t taken another fall! On our new walk in the park we get to enjoy views up and down the Connecticut River. The temperature dropped dramatically this week, and in two days the river began to freeze over. Here I am standing on the eastern shore looking upstream towards Hartford. At this stage the river is only partially frozen. In fact the next day this ice was broken up and lying on the edges of the river while the main channel was free.

Sometimes the Connecticut freezes over for long stretches and the Coast Guard has to bring in ice breaking boats to keep the shipping lane open. The cove near us, a backwater of the river, freezes over completely and allows ice fishing. As a sad aside, the carpenter who built our home in 1929 died in 1930 when he fell, unattended, through the ice of that cove when fishing.

Do any of my readers live near major rivers that freeze over in part or in whole? I would love to learn where else this picturesque phenomenon occurs.

23 thoughts on ““Slip Sliding Away”

  1. I have never lived near a river that freezes. But when I first went to Leningrad in 1977, the sea bordering the city in The Gulf of Finland was frozen. That impressed me a great deal! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I used to live on the Potomac River before moving to New York City, where I live a block from the Hudson River. I have to be near water for my spiritual well-being, whether it is frozen or not. Both of these rivers however, are too fast moving to freeze often, although I do remember the river over the Great Falls icing over in big snowstorms…or maybe it was just the rocks.


    1. I have almost always lived within walking distance to a river. For several years I lived on the river in a houseboat. Given the current in the Connecticut it is amazing to me to watch it ice over.


  3. I grew up in the Dakotas, and the ice froze over on the river so much that vehicles drove onto them. remember that sometimes we’d have to drill through a foot of ice to go ice fishing.


  4. In some Southern parts of New Zealand, some lakes freeze over – and then it’s put your skates on or get into curling (a sport with something like kettles).


  5. Hi Elizabeth, this is interesting for me as I’ve never seen a real frozen river. Nothing every freezes in this neck of the woods, it’s to hot during the day although it drops to below freezing at night. We generally only get a bit of frost.


  6. The very thought of rivers and lakes freezing amazes me 🙂 My husband’s uncle and family live near Toronto. They have a cottage by Kamaniskeg lake which is about 280 kms from their home. He sent me photos of the lake frozen. It looked amazing. He wrote the entire lake does not freeze.


  7. Lots of ice on the Hudson at Poughkeepsie/Highland this week but not enough for the iceboats that can sometimes get underway just a bit further upstream where it’s no longer tidal.


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