“Toasty Warm?”

Since covid Charlie has been working from home, using the dining room as his office. Two doors allow him to shut the room off to make the numerous phone calls and Zoom meetings his job entails. But recently as it has gotten very cold here the past few weeks I kept noticing that his “office” stayed pleasantly warm while the rest of the house was fairly cool.

Of course being the mature adult I profess to be it never occurred to me to envy him his warm den. And of course it never crossed my mind to resent that he was comfortable as I put on another sweater. Fortunately my ordinary grumpy self quieted for a bit yesterday. I remembered that the thermostat for the whole house is in the dining room. The thermostat, recognizing that the dining room is now our desired 68 degrees, promptly shuts down the furnace for a bit. The rest of the house gets cold quickly since it is open without the benefit of the warm air in the dining room.

Now the question remains. Would I rather be warm or listen to the tedious bureaucratic conversations my husband has to endure that allow us to pay the heating bill? Good thing I have a lot of sweaters.

29 thoughts on ““Toasty Warm?”

  1. It is widely accepted that our houses should be at at least 21C during winter, especiall for us ‘older people’. That is 70F, so you need to turn it up a little. (We have 22C here, until at least 9pm.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. My husband loves to have a fire in the living room. But that means our heating system thinks the house is warm even though rooms on other levels remain cool. So I have a nice space heater in my office and don’t hesitate to use it. I hate being cold!

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  3. I’m glad that my wife and I typically agree on what constitutes the right temperature. We both prefer an open window at night to let in a little bit of fresh air.


  4. I’d be another suggesting he have a change of view, the back bedroom might be a good office for him, close to the bathroom- far enough away from the kitchen, sitting and dining room (where you could be). Find him a plug in heater if he’s complaining of the cold down there😊

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