“Is it Cabots or God?”

View from Cabot Hall in Cambridge 1966

With help from crowd sourcing used by Pete to assist me, I was able to find the statistics for each individual post I have written in the last five years. I wanted to see how many times my post from June 3, 2017, “The Cabots Speak Only to God” had been viewed. I was curious because when I check my views each week several show up every time for that one. It turns out that it has been looked at 1766 times! The next highest is 691, with a typical post getting between 50 and 100 views.

The question is WHY. Why on earth would a post about my time in my dormitory Cabot Hall keep getting readers four years on? There can’t be that many people interested in that dorm. I can only conclude that they are coming there after doing a search through blogs with a keyword “God” or “Cabot.” Now perhaps it is a search for Cabot, either the cheese or the explorer. But I suspect that it is actually a search for “God.” Not God per se(although maybe that happens too!) but mentions of God.

I assume that as soon as someone reads the actual post they are quickly aware that God is not the focus of the post. Neither of course are the Cabots, except for making fun of them.

Just wondering if any of you have similarly wondered about popular posts. If so, I would love to hear which ones top the list.

27 thoughts on ““Is it Cabots or God?”

  1. This reminds me of my blog posts about Mama Mary’s birthday. One time, got almost 5,000 views in one day about it and every I am still surprised by the number of visits I get about her.


  2. I have heard other bloggers comment on strange phenomenons such as a sudden surge (like off the charts type) on old posts that seem to happen for no rhyme or reason. I don’t think I’ve had anything too weird happen in my almost three years of blogging.


  3. That is fun to try to figure out how people find a post, especially an old post. I make my blog post titles and labels descriptive to attract people interested in those words. God and Cabots, interesting.


  4. I posted a music post about a British band in 2016. I didn’t expect any interest in it.

    Whatever happened to?: Jamiroquai

    It received hundreds of views that week, and continued to receive many more during that year. Since then, not one single day has passed when that post has not received views, including two yesterday. It is still my most-viewed post, currently standing at 5,721 views. That is a full 1,000 views more than the post in second place. I have no idea why it is so popular.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  5. I took a look at the posts with the most all-time views. After my Home Page/Archives and About Page, which far surpassed all the others, you might be interested to know that it was, Exploring Fort Stevens, about our last camping trip in 2020.


  6. Hi Elizabeth, I have read other posts where bloggers have commented on a similar sort of situation. Clive has a post called Under the Covers which gets a lot of visits. People must be disappointed when the realise he means covers of songs. Jim has a post about the most popular tires in the world and its about Lego tires not car tires. It’s quite funny.


  7. You just had me on a search to find this out Elizabeth.
    Interestingly the most viewed page is my ‘Meet Jennifer’ page, which is rather interesting, people like to know who is writing what they’re reading.
    And my most viewed post is ‘Tea & Tigers in the Highlands of Malaysia’

    This one pops up quite often on my stats.
    So interesting!
    Maybe because people are looking for travel destinations, tea or tigers 🤔


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