“Natural Consequences, Covid, and the U.S.”

From Montessori Rocks

One major challenge of parents is allowing children to experience natural consequences of their behavior. A classic example is letting a child know she needs to bring snacks on a road trip. If she fails to do this, she may demand them en route. At that point a wise parent will let her figure out she is experiencing natural consequences–hunger–from her choice to ignore the advice to bring snacks. Unpleasant, but not risking serious illness, hospitalization or death.

A majority of Americans, despite a five fold increase in Covid cases over this time last year, have decided that Covid is over. Large in person gatherings, indoor and out. Parties. Restaurants. Concerts. No masks. No staying home with “little symptoms.” Why miss out on all the fun?

The information in the previous paragraph shows the natural consequences of such behavior, namely a huge increase in disease, hospitalization and death. In New England, even though vaccination and booster rates are high, the new variant continues to sicken many people. Soon, following its previous patterns, this variant will move to the interior of the nation.

Just like the kid who says “I won’t get hungry on the road trip, so I don’t need snacks,” adults who say “I don’t need to be careful; I won’t catch Covid” are ignoring reality. Sadly whether or not Americans are sick of Covid, Covid couldn’t care less!

Your masked, socially distanced, consumer of food to go sends love to my readers.

24 thoughts on ““Natural Consequences, Covid, and the U.S.”

  1. Hi Elizabeth, in South Africa this is also the case. I had covid at the beginning of March and I was really sick for a week and it took a further three weeks for me to recover completely. Covid is not a walk in the park even when you are double vaccinated as I was then. I have subsequently had the booster shot. My whole family had covid and I was very grateful everyone was vaccinated and my mom and dad had recently had the booster so only had mild symptoms. My oldest son, Greg, aged 19 had the J&J shot last August and like me, he got very sick and took a month to recover. We are careful and wear masks, but my husband picked it up from other much more careless people we think from touching equipment in a meeting room.

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    1. I am glad that you all came through it. I know from friends that it is a lot more than a “simple cold” as so many seem to have convinced themselves. I have had to have two boosters thus far and expect another will be required in the fall/winter.

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      1. We are a little behind you on the vaccination programme as ours started later. A fourth may be in my future too. It was definitely no a cold for Greg and I, but we are fine now. Thanks.


  2. A person who refuses to wear a mask in public may think (s)he’s just exercising her or his freedom, but it’s not just about that. Such a person is (potentially) putting others in danger of catching Covid if that person has asymptomatic Covid. There are too many people who either don’t think about such things or who care only about themselves.

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  3. In Britain, most people now ignore all the previous advice and rules. We have eaten out in restaurants, but only where tables are widely spaced, and staff are masked. Last week, 440 people died of ‘Covid-related symptoms’ in England. Many of those were never vaccinated though. It certainly hasn’t gone away.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  4. I traveled on an airplane immediately before and after the restrictions changed. At least 2/3 of the people in the airport and on the plane were not wearing a mask.


    1. My brother in law, his son and his grandson decided to go to Disneyland. They all caught Covid there. No masks, big crowds. Not sure what they were thinking.


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