”Mind Games”

I just finished reading the The Puzzler by A.J. Jacobs. (His previous book was The Know-It-All, a phrase more than occasionally applied to me, much to my dismay.) In it Jacobs explores a variety of puzzles and games, giving examples of each. As he meanders along he also relays his personal experiences with the challenge. Because I realized I had spent most of my life trying to solve all kinds of puzzles I have decided to use Jacobs’ format for the next series of posts . I am going to ignore any deep metaphorical reason for this and am just going with the claim that they are all a lot of fun.(That and they allow me to continue to deserve my aforementioned sobriquet.) The first post appears tomorrow.

16 thoughts on “”Mind Games”

  1. Sounds like an interesting series, Elizabeth. I do the JUMBLE word puzzle in the morning paper almost every day, but I seldom do Crosswords and never do Jigsaws any more — not because I stopped liking them, but because there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Nonetheless, I’ll try to take time for at least some of your puzzles.


  2. I love puzzles. I early retirement I tried every puzzle in the centre pull-out of a UK newspaper called the Daily Mail. (There’s little else to recommend it but lots of puzzles.) Most of these puzzles I had never tried before, but I was galvanised when a lecturer from a London university who I dated when I was between husbands mentioned that he enjoyed the killer sudokus published in the Times. To be honest, I didn’t find him the stongest intellect in the faculty, so I thought ‘If you can, I’m pretty certain I can’ and I bought a book of Killer Sudokus. Sure enough, they were do-able.
    Since then I’ve had a go at every puzzle I come across. Now I have the time to work them out, I’ve found most of them are negotiable (although some are boring). If only I’d tried earlier in life, I might have had a better opinion of my intellectual capacities.


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