“Gone Much Too Soon”

We lost our beloved 11 month old puppy Emmy to a tragic accident this week. It was nobody’s fault and there is no one to blame.(I don’t know why I think that would ease the pain since it wouldn’t.) I will be away for a time to absorb the deep loss with my family.


22 thoughts on ““Gone Much Too Soon”

  1. ’m pushing the like button not because I ‘like’ what I’m reading but just to let you know I’ve been and read your sad post and understand how you are feeling. Without sounding glib….I’ve been there done that and still feel the loss when the memory resurfaces. Take care Cathy xx


  2. I pressed the like button as well, just to say I was here. I’m so sorry, I know you will hurt for a while. May you keep fond memories of your fur baby, in your heart.


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