“The Best Laid Plans”

I think that one of the universal truths about writing a blog is that every time a blogger says they are back writing, life interferes! In my case my husband got rebound Covid. Another car pool driver got Covid. High school started and required the last person(me) standing to drive. The plumbing had a glitch. Crickets invaded the house (one lucky, multitudes not.) The painters started painting the outside of our old home. This meant that at any moment a face was peering into the one window I thought I could freely walk in front of unclad. None of this supported the calm frame of mind I use to write.

Anyway I hesitate to say that I am back. I will say with confidence that I am posting today. I think I won’t tempt fate by predicting anything about tomorrow.

Hopefully yours…

36 thoughts on ““The Best Laid Plans”

  1. I feel much better about life getting in the way after reading your post. Misery loves company? Work is on overload, company every weekend, and hubby has medical issues that require me to help out. I have posted (not often) yet am weeks behind reading fellow bloggers posts. Best to you, Elizabeth.


  2. I feel you 100% there! I’ve stopped saying I’m back to the blog as well. It seems like it’s tempting fate! Here’s hoping things settle down in your life!


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