“Taking Off the Mask?”

Here in Connecticut Covid rates are again on the rise. Wastewater in our part of the country shows increased infections. Hospitals are beginning to see a slight rise in patients, the highest since February. But since so many people are testing and treating at home it is difficult to get a true reading of the risk right now. Our county is listed a “medium,” whatever that means. Meanwhile people are going about their lives, a vast majority without masks. And each week I learn of another person who has caught Covid. This has produced tug of war in me with my “I want to be safe” conflicting with my “I want to fit in.”

Sunday we decided to take off our masks in Mass for the first time in two years. It allowed the priest to make more than eye contact for a change. We like being expressive as we listen. As we settled into our pew a mother and her two adolescent sons took the seat directly behind us. And all three began to sniffle. And blow their noses. And cough. And cough. And cough. We had no idea what ailed them. We decided to switch seats though we had already had a viral bath.

Covid has given friends my age long lasting side effects. I really don’t want to catch it. A mask reduces, though not eliminates, my risk. The mask will stay on in public. I will continue to look like a duck with a long white bill. Quack!

34 thoughts on ““Taking Off the Mask?”

  1. Mask wearing in the UK has all but disappeared. When I went for my Covid booster recently, I walked in wearing a mask, and was told it was not necessary. I kept it on anyway. During hospital tests in early September, I kept my mask on for almost 4 hours of different procedures, but the doctor dealing with me was not even wearing one.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. us oldies have all been offered a covid booster along with our annual flu jabs, so we’ve had those. I’ll be seeing more of my grandchildren in the next months, and they are little virus factories, so at least if we pick it up it should be a mild dose.


      1. I think it would be harder to maintain ‘happy thoughts’ than to have the jab. Having said that, I’m sure my daughter’s positive attitude is keeping her (currently) uncureable cancer at bay. (One tumour is even shrinking!) She’s a sensible girl though. and takes every vaccination she’s advised to.


  3. Covid mandates have more or less disappeared here. I’m wary of sniffles. I’m still using my sanitizer for my hands…which I discovered a month back I had around 9 purse size bottles…and I’ve got back up wet wipes. And still have masks in my outing bags in case I feel the need.

    Apparently though I’m immune for a few more weeks as I HD covid late July. Then I can get the 2nd booster…I plan to continue as I’ve still got the fatigue, which hits at unexpected times.

    A new variant just arrived in NZ but it’s another unknown on what will happen…

    For me it’s “be prepared”


  4. Masks are only mandatory in certain settings here in Australia.

    And now there’s no mandatory reporting or mandatory stay at home requirements when CoVid postive here!

    It’s over to the individual to monitor & stay home for the greater good. Sadly we know not all will do this.

    This to us is complete madness, especially when a new variant of the highly virulent Omicron stain has just been found!

    While we don’t live in fear, we need to be cautious.

    I always observe medical, health workers & pharmacists…if they’re all still wearing masks then there is still danger.

    So hubby & I will still keep the safety practices in place when we go out.
    Blessings, Jennifer

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  5. Covid is down in our part of the country right now, but that seems to be part of the cycle. I’m pleasantly surprised how many people still wear masks in public places.


  6. Hello Elizabeth, nice to see you back- even in your troubled state.
    It’s all holds barred now here in Victoria – everything goes except in certain circumstances- medical mainly. I’m a ‘can’t be too careful’ person and my mask goes on the minute I’m inside certain premises (whether needed or not). With no isolation when infected allowed now you never know what’s going on around you.
    Take care


  7. Yeah, I wear a mask when at work, when riding the bus, in crowded settings. Not mandatory; I’m one of the very few that still wears a mask. Occasionally I’m asked questions like “Are you forced to wear a mask?” Sometimes…I feel a little odd about it. But in the end, it is my choice and I choose to wear a mask.

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  8. I’m sorry to hear your first taste of freedom went so badly!! I’m still masking, but I unmask outdoors and in open air places. Thankfully, there are many such places in Mexico! Be safe please, my friend!


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