“Expecting Addition”

Some of you may remember that last summer we lost our beloved dog in a tragic accident. While we have never been without a dog, that trauma took a toll and we weren’t sure we wanted another one. However, after much discussion we decided to look for a new puppy. While there is much to be said for rescuing a dog, I prefer puppies. I guess I don’t have the energy to deal with the issues a rescue sometimes brings along.

I went through pictures and descriptions of many breeds hoping that one would appeal to us. While we have always had Australian Shepherds, we were ready for a smaller dog less in need of vigorous daily exercise. One day walking in the park we talked with a woman whose dog attracted us. He was a cocker spaniel/poodle mix and just the right size and temperment.

Needing to avoid pet stores and puppy mills, I finally found a woman in nearby(2 hours)Rhode Island whose female cocker and male poodle had puppies in early January. We drove over yesterday, met the lovely caring woman, the cocker(at a distance since she was protecting her pups)and the spunky male poodle. Above is the female we picked out and will be able to take home March 3.

Be assured. More pictures and a chosen name will appear in future posts.

34 thoughts on ““Expecting Addition”

  1. Over here, they are called ‘Cockerpoos’, and incredibly popular as family dogs. Even in tiny Beetley, I know of at least six people who have one.
    She will bring you joy, but you already know that. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Exciting isn’t it? I once thought we wouldn’t have any more dogs. I laster three months before getting checked out by the RSPCA and rehoming a pair that had been rescued together.


  3. Awww. Having been through this several times, we always get back on the horse. I hope your new puppy brings you lots of joy despite of the inevitable challenges.


    1. I am sure she will. A old vet once told us that each puppy will destroy one thing you really value and otherwise the damage is inconsequential. One of ours ate the Book of John in my leather bound Bible!


  4. She is adorable, Elizabeth! I felt the same way as you about puppies vs rescues but I think Molly will be our last puppy. She reminds me of the days when all three of my kids were preschoolers. There are days with Molly that I get about as much done as I did in those days.


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