“Deep Freeze”

Yesterday the temperature plummeted to -6F(-21C) as an unwelcome guest from the Arctic rolled in. The Connecticut River suddenly froze in large chunks. The day before it had been flowing freely. I enjoyed seeing the ice against the walkway as we took this afternoon’s stroll.

Kids were happily skating on the little frozen pond, but spots were already beginning to thaw. I am sure that by tomorrow it will be posted “No Skating.”

16 thoughts on ““Deep Freeze”

  1. When the temperature drops in our part of the Fens, the fields by the river are flooded and freeze into a safe skating rink. Even when it starts to thaw it isn’t deep enough to drown anyone.


  2. That’s not far off the coldest temperature ever recorded in Britain. By contrast, we had warm sun and blue skies in Beetley today, with a high of 10C. (50F)
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. And I was complaining the other day because we had a high of 8c when it’s usually mid 20s/high 70s at this time of the year. Our cold blast came from the south – Antarctic!


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