“A Slight Detour”

I was standing in the kitchen dividing a “value pack” of fresh chicken into smaller freezer bags. So many people are eating chicken wings lately that the drumstick and this piece are suddenly very affordable in large packages.

As I was making the labels for the bags I printed “thighs,” the name on the package. But I suddenly remembered that for all of my childhood, whether from chicken or turkey, these were never called “thighs.” We always knew them as “second joints.”

I am very curious about what my readers around the world call said piece. Even if you are a vegetarian, what name have you heard to describe it?

This word nerd thanks you.

24 thoughts on ““A Slight Detour”

  1. Always thighs in England, Elizabeth.
    Why oh why do people eat chicken wings? There is virtually no meat on them at all. When I have a roast chicken, I throw them away. There are ‘Chicken Wings’ shops here in the UK. A complete mystery to me, and one I have no intention of trying to solve.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I’ll continue the unanimous trend—thighs. On a side note, one of my first jobs was working at Kentucky Fried Chicken. If you saw the colossal vat of grease they’re cooked in, it would convince you that there must be healthier ways to eat than KFC.


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