One Man’s Trash


One of the best things about living on a busy road is the ability to set unwanted objects out on the curb for others to take. We live in a working class neighborhood, and things disappear pretty fast. In fact, we have sometimes timed how long it takes for something to be picked up. Furniture is snatched up almost as soon as it is set out. Some things take longer–broken fans, old lawnmowers. But sooner or later, everything is taken.

I especially enjoy the men(always men) who drive around in beat-up pick-up trucks collecting anything metal. Once an old piano was on the curb near us, and a man was meticulously removing the its metal sounding board. I lent him an additional wrench and gave him some water. And he determinedly disassembled it all afternoon. He told me he didn’t make much money taking his metal to the place he sells it, but “it gets me out of the house.”

Just because I can’t see the value in something doesn’t mean someone else can’t. I will try to remember that the next time my husband brings home a broken fan he finds on the curb.

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