Comments and Likes


I have only been blogging since mid summer, but I am starting to notice the temptation to look for “likes” on my posts. They seem to hit my 10 year old self who gets tickled that someone likes her. Of course, who doesn’t want to be liked? The problem arises when I start to get suggestions from people about how to increase my “likes.” I have the opportunity to reconsider why I am writing at all in the public sphere.

I find comments very helpful. They seem to connect with the adult who began this process to share my thoughts. I also enjoy “likes” from people I have heard from previously or with whom I have traded comments on their posts.  I especially enjoy the several writers I follow and interact with each week. The process reminds me of my childhood pen pals. Just yesterday I found a new writer I particularly enjoy writing about issues of social justice.

Wanting to expand my pool of like minded writers, I tried searching for genealogy blogs, but my first hit was a picture of a naked woman writing about “the genealogy of an O,” so I haven’t tried that again!

I am trusting that over time I will slowly meet writers I enjoy and that we can accompany each other on our journeys. That is the reason I began this, not to be liked.

4 thoughts on “Comments and Likes

  1. I think it’s natural to want to look for likes. I’ve never really thought of it as someone liking me, as much as having my work and my place as a writer affirmed. I much prefer comments though. Likes are great, but comments are what I’m really hoping for every time!


    1. I think I am especially vulnerable to writing to be “liked,” since for so much of my life I suppressed the truth in order to be “liked.” I am not yet able to see “like” in an affirming way. I don’t think that is an issue for many people, but right now it is a temptation for me to write to be “liked.” I appreciate your more mature understanding.

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