Staying Sane


Some people enjoy getting scared. The idea of “thrill rides” is, well, thrilling. The middle swing in this picture is of my husband and two grandchildren high in the air on a carnival ride. Needless to say, I am the one on the ground taking the picture. I was scared enough growing up to last me several lifetimes. Adrenaline and I are rarely friends.

The election is having a destabilizing effect on me, and I read this morning that it is having the same effect on many Americans. I am alternatively sucked into reading every word I can find about it and hiding from all information. The rhetoric is frightening, but it is not useful for me to be frightened by it. That only adds to the unsettling atmosphere around me.

I have been reading American history instead. It is comforting to see that we have come through equally difficult times. One Senator even repeatedly bashed another with a walking cane over the head on the Senate floor, rendering him incapable of serving for the next three years.

I have one vote, which I will cast on November 8. Until then, I will try to stay sane and not allow the ugly to live rent free in my brain.

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