Remembrance of Things Past


We are finally having some snow here in New England. I caught sight of our picnic table, lawn swing and barbecue grill on the back deck, now coated with the first inches of white. I really enjoy the completely different seasons we enjoy. It is hard to remember that only a few months ago we could sit outside, listening to our outdoor fountain, and cooking over the flames. But the swing cushions are stored and the grill has its cover on. It will be many months before we can enjoy them again.

Meanwhile I sympathize with friends in the deep south of the United States who aren’t used to such cold, ice and snow. They are struggling to stay warm in houses without the storm windows and heavy insulation we enjoy in the north. Their plows are inadequate to deal with the accumulating snow and drivers are struggling to maneuver the streets. Here the town plow rumbles by about every 90 minutes shining its flashing light into our house. I am grateful once again for our public works department keeping things safe and passable. We will probably send them doughnut gift cards again this season.

Meanwhile we stay warm, poring over those seed catalogs which once again arrived just in time to see us through until spring.



5 thoughts on “Remembrance of Things Past

  1. Thank you for your blog. It is great to read stories of far away places. Here I am having turned the air conditioning on replying to your story in the snow of New England. Technology has made the world seem a little smaller and it is so good to read of your concern and care for those who are finding it so hard to stay warm and dry.

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