A Mystery Car!


I thought I remembered every car from my childhood. This photo proves me wrong. I have no idea what car this is. It definitely pictures me in the passenger seat looking out the window. That makes me think it must have been a new purchase. Why else would there be a picture of me smiling out the window? Speaking of which, I don’t think people take pictures of their cars a lot any more. My trusted mini-van only shows up in an image taken for insurance purposes.

This is not the car my parents drove across the country. That one had two windows on the side, not three. I am about the age when my mother was expecting their third child. I imagine that they needed a bigger car to haul us all around, hence this four door model.

Many a beloved car has been given up to accommodate children. Those sporty Miatas won’t hold a car seat! I think the SUV was invented to cushion the blow when new parents had to  trade in their sports cars. It pretends it isn’t a station wagon, so its drivers aren’t really tied down to domestic responsibility. Who’s kidding who? Look at the triple car seats in the back .

And speaking of station wagons.Just wait for the pictures to come!


3 thoughts on “A Mystery Car!

  1. I’m laughing right now because just last summer a family member, expecting her third child, purchased an SUV to accommodate her growing brood. She tried out a mini van but couldn’t bear the thought of being a mini van mom, as though somehow that would divorce her entirely from her youth. That was the issue, not status. She wanted to feel like she was still young enough and had a life even if she did have three children (or two and one in the oven, as we used to say).


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