“When In Nebraska”

Page-Shot-2017-3-14 alley rose kearney nebraska - Google Search

We spent a long long time in Nebraska, and we became aware that the major activities in Nebraska were raising corn and raising beef. We hadn’t spent much time or money eating dinners on our trip, usually just picking up something quick. But here we were in Kearney, Nebraska, so we decided to have a steak.

We pulled off the interstate and were immediately attracted to a classic looking steakhouse called Amber Rose. Sure enough, it was the real deal, with a dark interior and tin ceiling. We had been freezing all day and were ready for a hot Midwestern dinner: steak and potatoes. We don’t eat that way often, and when we climbed into the Kearney Best Western Motel that night, our food coma reminded us why we don’t.

In fact, we stayed full through the morning. I even passed on my daily Egg McMuffin in favor of just coffee. Then it was on to Iowa.


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