“And Baby Makes Three”


Houseboat living was indeed idyllic. My obstetrician had warned me that it might take me a while to become pregnant. He was wrong. Soon we were expecting a baby in the spring of 1975 and we were, as you know, living on a houseboat. As in, surrounded by water. Deep water. Water with a current.

No children lived at our moorage. We talked with the Browns, owners, and asked them what they knew about raising children on houseboats. I should add that ours was a one floor house with a loft bedroom, a combined living dining room, a kitchen at one end of said combined room and a bathroom. Even not surrounded by water, this was going to be a tight squeeze.

The Browns said that had seen kids raised on houseboats and that kids ALWAYS fell in, no matter how vigilant the parents. They said we had two choices; leave a life jacket on the child at all times or tie a rope around the child to haul her out when she inevitably fell in. We gave it about 15 seconds thought and realized that we were going to have to move to land. We figured we could make it as long as our baby wasn’t ambulatory, but after that our rocking life was over. Pun intended.

8 thoughts on ““And Baby Makes Three”

  1. Beautiful. In this picture, I see a light heart of a mother. Due to my childhood abuse, I never thought I would ever bare children….so coming into our marriage, we didn’t even think about it instantly. Got married in June and by the end of August, there we were expecting our first baby. Even though I am not able to have more Children now, I daily thank God for my two.Thank you again Miss Elizabeth for taking us back into your world from way back. Reading your story has become like reading a book that I do not want to put down; always desiring to read the next page. Hugs today 🌹

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  2. Wow. Those two choices were actually no choices. I guess water fascinates children so much that no amount of warning will help them adhere to a “No-go-area” instruction. Your baby bump picture looks nice. ☺

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