“Room For All, Money for None!”


So we needed a home on land and we had very little money. We asked a real estate agent to find us a place in Scappoose(we had gotten fond of the rural life) that was under $20,000. Even though this was 1975, that was still very little money to use to buy a house, but it was all we could afford. We didn’t want to live in a trailer, just a house.

Sadly, not completely to my surprise, the house we bought is no longer standing. The best I can do is to give you a picture of the forest that surrounded us and the road and creek we lived next to. The house was on Apple Valley Road and along Alder Creek. Mr. Baumgardner owned the farm at the top of the road named for him.

The house had been assembled from pieces of other old houses that the owner’s grandfather had cobbled together. They had built a new house for their family on the property next door, and were selling the old house with five acres for $19,000. The couple was our age and had a child the age of our now ambulatory daughter. We were somehow actually able to obtain a mortgage for the property and moved in. My father promptly sold the houseboat to a childless couple.

We moved ourselves that spring of 1976 into our new home and began to learn many of the reasons it had sold for $19,000. But we were young, new parents, and now had a home of our own. The  creek  was too far away from the house for our daughter to stumble in easily. The woods were “lovely dark and deep,”(Robert Frost) and we were blessed to have them all around us. Most of the area for miles was owned by a timber company and was uninhabited. The nights were dark, the stars were bright, and we were content.


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