“Officer Friendly”


While I had encountered a negative response when I called the police when I was managing the apartment house, when I needed them when I was living in the duplex, they were very helpful.

A group of about 6 little kids, my daughter included, set up a lemonade stand on our sidewalk. I was home, all the neighbors were home, and we could all see the stand from our windows. Nonetheless, the kids encountered an exhibitionist without our knowing. Late in the afternoon my daughter offhandedly commented that she hadn’t liked that man who had rubbed apple juice on himself. And he had paid them a dollar!

I told her that the man was breaking the law and I called the police. A very kind man arrived at our home and listened to her while she told him exactly where the man had applied the apple juice. The neighbor had a description of the car, though she had not been suspicious at the time. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this was an isolated incident, and they never found the man responsible.

My daughter was satisfied that she had told the police about the bad man. Interestingly for several days after that the kids played a game of “running away from the bad man.” He never came back, but they were clearly prepared for any future encounter. I was even more cautious, too. Still I was glad that the Portland Police took the time to calmly listen to a six year old little girl talk about the bad man.

3 thoughts on ““Officer Friendly”

  1. Thanks for this post…it is good to be informed of the dark side of evil…to be able to anticipate what to be aware of and to protect against. God help and protect us all…especially the children.


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