“Alice’s Mischief”

We had a plastic heron lawn ornament in front of our house. Alice and I had often traded practical jokes, but this time she outdid herself. We came home to find that she had tied a bag of diapers to the heron, in imitation of the storks that neighbors used to announce new babies.

I had to get back at her some way, but couldn’t think how. Then my husband brought home a small mechanical bird. Alice and Dale were avid bird watchers and had a large platform feeder outside their kitchen window. Early one morning we snuck the bird into their feeder and wound it up. mechanicalbirdWe hid in the hedge between our houses as they got up for breakfast and began to study the bird in the feeder. They even got out their bird identification book. We couldn’t contain ourselves, so we popped up laughing. They saw us and realized we had done them even one better.

Some people like to live far from neighbors, but our lives were continually enriched by ours.


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