“I Spot a Moose(or a replica)

IMG_0545Ok. So it is a wonderful painting of a moose displayed at the Portland Museum of Art in Portland, Maine. The fourth floor of the museum has a whimsical collection called the menagerie, and this painting is prominently displayed. I think it captures the moose-mania in Maine. They have moose everything here, from onesies for babies to  moose tracks ice cream(don’t ask!)

Everything that is except a living moose. We did see two stuffed moose at the L.L. Bean store, but that was it.

Last night I ate the promised halibut dinner at a terrific restaurant in Portland called Scales. It turns out if you bathe it in browned butter with hazelnuts you achieve an unbelievable flavor. Of course butter generally improves most dishes! IMG_0549

Portland Maine turns out to be food-centric. We could have eaten amazing food for days. But it was time to head north to Boothbay Harbor, stopping at that L.L. Bean complex in Freeport. The quest for more halibut, more little bowls and Wyeth paintings continues.

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