“Wyeth at 100”


I had to just use a screen shot for this post since I couldn’t take photos at the Farnsworth Museum’s wonderful celebratory exhibit of Andrew Wyeth’s pencil drawings and watercolors. The Farnsworth in Rockland, Maine devotes three separate well designed spaces to showcase Wyeth’s long summer residency in Maine.

We had the pleasure of seeing many of father N.C. Wyeth’s and son Jamie Wyeth’s art along with Andrew Wyeth’s work in Chadd’s Ford, Pennsylvania. The Farnsworth added to my appreciation of Andrew’s technique. Working with just a pencil, he did numerous studies in preparation for a painting. One of the exhibits showed all the studies for “Dr. Sym,” a painting of a skeleton figure in a military coat next to a cannon. A chilling image, made more so by the realization that Wyeth used his own body as the model for the bones.

No halibut today, but lovely sweet lettuce, roast beet, goat cheese salad. Tomorrow we set out to explore a peninsula south of here to a point called “Land’s End.” I will try to get an interesting photo of something called “Giant’s Steps.”

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