“Halibut Hiding Out”


In order to have halibut, you first need an ocean, in this case the Atlantic Ocean off Bailey’s Island in Maine. As readers of my blog may remember from our last year’s trip to Nova Scotia, nothing touches my soul like waves crashing over rocks. I had read of a landmark called “Giant’s Steps,” and we drove to see it. The path has a tiny sign, but the town thoughtfully has three spots to park near it. The area is residential, but someone had gifted this stretch as a conservation spot.

The steps are giant boulders which tumble down to the ocean. They do look as if a giant could thud down them for a dip. Or to catch a halibut! I just enjoyed the sun, waves and sea birds while my husband explored the rocks. We saw only a few people and I marvel that such beauty exists to be shared with visitors. I’m grateful for the ones who set this area aside with only a dirt path to interrupt its setting.

The inn where we are staying serves a big breakfast and then sets out snacks, warm cookies and iced tea in the afternoon. This has definitely meant a reordering of my halibut every night plan! If I can even manage a salad tonight I will be surprised.

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