“The Sunday Paper and Thou”


My photos weren’t communicating with each other yesterday, so this post is a day late. We spent the morning in the gorgeous Coastal Maine Gardens in Boothbay, Maine. They are enormous with cultivated gardens close in and acres of woods reaching back for a mile or so. They are meticulous with labels, so it was easy to identify plants we didn’t recognize. I was most interested in their lavenders, since we have trouble keeping them through hard winters. But I suspect that they may be in a slightly warmer zone being close to the ocean.

We had purchased the Sunday New York Times on the way to the gardens. After I had my fill, I sat in a meadow in an Adirondack chair and read to my heart’s content. My husband went on an hour long hike in the woods. We find that a perfect day means different things for each of us, and we leave space for such solo activities. One lovely man sat in a chair next to me and said how much he was enjoying just sitting. Unfortunately we soon heard a plaintive “Martin, Martin” He said that for the sake of his marriage he better rejoin the group tour. I was once again grateful for our way of spending the morning.

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