“Light Overcomes Darkness”


This fall we went to Home Depot with our grandchildren to pick a new lighted lawn ornament for Christmas. Our previous angel had finally succumbed to too many winters in New England. They chose this lovely angel which now lights up our front lawn. People all up and down our street string simple colored lights around their windows. It makes the chilly dark days seem warmer and more hopeful.

Our snowfall has been minimal so far this year. You can see the last remnants of it around the angel. I am sure that we will get our share in January and February. By then she will be safely stored. Where? In our basement bath tub. No one wants to take a bath in the basement, and it proves an ideal place for angel safe keeping!

May you find some light in your own darkness tonight.(Northern Hemisphere readers.) May you enjoy your hours of light.(Southern Hemisphere readers.)

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