“Let It Snow”


In addition to our angel, we have this wonderful polar bear and baby. The bear actually looks rather like a rat when looked at from the front. I am guessing the Chinese artist who designed it may have never seen a polar bear from the front. But I quibble. It looks cheery and bright in the front yard, and we have her displayed sideways so it is not obvious that she is more rodent than bear. I am hoping for a little snow to make our bear feel more at home.

The mountain laurel is festooned with several hundred blue lights. They cast a wonderful glow down the street and contrast well with the white lights of the bear and angel. The two azalea bushes in the front have various colored lights. These strings are new, replacing very old light strings that finally were beyond repair. Apparently these new lights also use much less electricity than the old ones. Also one light can go out without losing the whole string.

May you all find yourselves surrounded with ones you love during the coming days.

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