Snow is fine, rain is fine, clear skies are fine. A thin coating of ice on every surface hinders the plans of everyone planning to get out and get that last item before Christmas. Including me. It looks innocuous enough in this picture, but those blotches on the driveway are ice with a very thin coating of rain atop. The bushes are bowed down, and the wires are dangling little icicles.

The weather forecast has changed every hour to reflect the truth that the ice is still there. First the advisory ended at 10a.m. then 11, then 2 and now 5. I expect that at 5 the weather forecast will be adjusted again to coincide with the still below freezing temperature. Those silly enough to venture out are sliding into each other on all the local roads.

I am settling down with a book and getting ready to make dinner. There is nothing I need badly enough to get me to slide my way over to my car and join the skaters on the road. May you be safe and warm in your homes this evening, no matter your weather.

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