“Hot Off French Press”


No not that fancy coffee! This is a snapshot of the cover of the first volume of my posts written between July 2016 and May 2017. I used a French publishing outfit to do the work, and I am very pleased with the results.(the actual cover lettering isn’t warped–it’s my bad photography!)

I was having some difficulty remembering which anecdotes I had already shared on my blog. With friends I can ask if they have heard this one before, but on-line I couldn’t do that. I find that with a year’s worth of posts, I can easily tell which areas I have covered for the time being and which are waiting to be explored.

Having these posts at hand also allows me to track my thought process before the Presidential election and after its sobering results. I am reassured that there is nothing I wrote that I regret writing, and I am glad that I was able to maintain my composure throughout that challenging time. I would hate to think that I ever added to the vitriol so present then and now.

I am curious to learn if others have made hard copies of their blogs and the methods they used. For now I am satisfied with this service and am looking forward to being able to print Volume 2.


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