“On the Lookout”


It’s nearly 2018 and I have decided to review the list of blogs I now follow and find some new ones to read regularly. Some of my favorite writers only write very occasionally. One just posted after not writing since September, but she is worth the wait. So while I don’t want to stop following those people, they don’t supply me with enough to think about each day. Others, I think I can safely assume, have stopped writing. By the time six months has gone by I can probably stop following those.

I am not sure how to find new blogs that I will enjoy. Often I have followed new readers of my writing, and this has been fruitful. Sometimes, though, those new followers are more commercially oriented than I am, so they aren’t of interest. I have found intriguing blogs by reading the comment sections of other people I follow. Someone who comments thoughtfully usually writes thoughtfully also.

I am wary of the search feature WordPress supplies, since on my first attempt it delivered pornography. So I am soliciting suggestions from any of my readers. If you enjoy a site, please name it in the comment section. I avoid pornography and sales pitches, but otherwise I have very eclectic tastes.

Tomorrow I will mention a few writer I especially enjoy reading.

5 thoughts on ““On the Lookout”

  1. I also reduced the number of people I follow, some are no longer active in the blogging world. Like you I also found new blogs worth following. Keep blogging Elizabeth.


  2. Hi Elizabeth – I’ve been blogging since November of 2014, and I’m still on the lookout for new blogs and bloggers who I enjoy reading, consistently. Like you, I often check out other commenters on the blogs that I follow. When I first started blogging, I wanted to have a large readership, but right now I enjoy the small, steady readership that I have because I know we are actually reading each other’s content.

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  3. I usually find new blog through face book. I am in a lot of groups. If I like the blog I will follow it on WordPress Reader and if they are not a WordPress blog, I bookmark them to return. I truly like finding other blogs, especially if it is about writing or it is good storytelling. I like encouraging blogs as well. I like your blog . Great stories and history. 🙂

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