“Answering waterforcamels”


Angela, who writes the blog waterforcamels, nominated me for a Liebster award. While I don’t participate in these awards by passing them on and nominating others, I wanted to respond to her thoughtful questions. I think it is always interesting to learn more about someone you read, so here goes.

“Who was an early influencer in your life?” My next door neighbor Grace  introduced me to hospitality and sewing. Both have been important in my life.

“How did you realize you wanted to become a writer?” Clarissa Pinkola Estes says it best when she says, “We do not become writers. We came as such. We are. Some of us are still catching up to what we are.”

“Do you prefer writing poetry or prose?” I seem to alternate. While I thought this blog would have a lot of poetry, at the moment it is pretty prose heavy.

“Who is your favorite poet?” Too many to choose. Perhaps today Adrienne Rich. Tomorrow maybe Robert Frost. Tuesday T.S. Eliot.

“What is the hardest barrier for you to overcome in order to write your blog?” Boundaries about what I should include and what is either too private, involves someone else, or is too unnecessarily upsetting.

“What current social crisis is near to your heart?” General ignorance and a willingness to ignore truth. Today probably the truth of racial injustice and its history in this country.

“What would you like to be remembered for most when you are gone?” An open, loving, listening ear and heart.

“If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be and why?” Pope Francis. I don’t speak Italian or Spanish, but I would like to pray with him. And then laugh.

“What is your kryptonite food?” Cookie dough ice cream.

“What is your birth order?” First. Obviously.

“Why did you start your blog?” I was tired of talking to myself.

Thanks Angela. That was fun.


8 thoughts on ““Answering waterforcamels”

  1. Good to know more about you Elizabeth. A “willingness to ignore the truth” is a social crisis and is so frustrating when you have to deal with people with the innate ability to believe in their lies that the truth appears weak before them.

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