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After I answered the Liebster questions posed by waterforcamels, I looked back to my initial “About” page on my blog. I wrote it 18 months ago and have never changed it. I realized that the “About” page is one I regularly read when considering following a new blog. Many times there is simply a WordPress place marker saying something along the lines of “this is an example of an about page.” Usually that means that the blogger is just starting out with a series of posts and hasn’t yet added some other useful features. I ordinarily wait to see if that writer fleshes out their blog further before deciding to sign on.

Other times, I get a good sense of the intentions of the writer and often some autobiographical details such as location, gender, age and professional background. Peoples “About” pages vary dramatically, but I find them a good entry into their blogs.

So what has changed between my original intentions for this blog and my present writing? Does my “About” page still ring true? How about my “Home” page? Does it reflect my actual writings? Does it give a potential follower an accurate idea of what she will find if she follows me?

I would say that I have done much less poetry writing than I thought I would and almost no genealogical writing since I began. But I recognize that my poetry writing has always been unpredictable, so I still want to leave a section on the Home page to share it. Similarly, my genealogical individual portraits are still an intention, so I am not ready to remove that heading from my Home page.

But “About” is no longer an accurate description of what I am doing. Tomorrow I will tackle an edit and share the results when I post. Have any of you had to rework your introductions to reflect your actual blog?

8 thoughts on ““About About”

  1. I did my about page late in the game, it was just last year I think The blog posts themselves speak for me. Hence I thought there is no need to introduce myself to friends out there.

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  2. Like you, I am also always on the lookout for new blogs to follow. I never read the about page until I’ve followed the blogger a while and begin to wonder where they’re coming from. As for me, I have had to re-work my “about” page a couple of times. As I change directions in life, so do my posts and the reasons I want to post them in the first place.

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