“No Venting”

stackingWhen I lived in a duplex with my daughter, the landlord installed an actual stacking washer and dryer in the kitchen. This allowed sufficient water pressure and electrical power to run a full sized washer and dryer, thus allowing the machines to run efficiently, unlike my previous all-in-one or portable models. However, since it was on a inside wall of the duplex, the dryer couldn’t vent to the outside.

If you ever read that a dryer can operate vented or ventless, beware. Ventless really just means that all the damp air is vented into the room where the dryer sits. In the small apartment we occupied, this meant into all the rooms. I imagine that in a very arid place such as Arizona, it might be beneficial to have all that humid air circulating. However, this was Portland and we didn’t need a drop more of humidity.

So for the several years we lived there, the apartment had a lingering odor of moisture, approaching mildew. If we had wanted to grow mushrooms, we had the right environment. Unfortunately, it always felt like we were never quite dry. Thanks, ironically enough, to the dryer.

8 thoughts on ““No Venting”

  1. Yes, it always has to vent outside, or else you learn the hard way that it isn’t wise. We’re trying to figure out the structure in the house we have only lived in since summer, and there are plenty of odd venting things going on here.

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