“Just In Time”


I had replaced the timing mechanism in my Whirlpool washer once, but when it went out again, I adjusted to its idiosyncrasies. The main problem was that it insisted on rinsing everything twice, no matter if I wanted it to or not. I had been putting up with this for over a year, wasting water, wasting time. My husband noticed my frustration and suggested we buy a new machine. The old one had done great work, but he was right. So I bought a new machine, this time by LG, a South Korean manufacturer. It was priced about the same as the others, but had some appealing features.

Who knew how much progress had been made in 10 years? This little machine weighs the load and shortens the cycle accordingly. What was taking me 90 minutes now takes 36. It also spins much more water out of the clothes, shortening the drying time. Its only drawback is the depth of its tub. Even standing on my toes, I have trouble reaching the stray sock at the bottom of the tub. I need one of those grabbers.

Why was this post called “just in time?” Last week our president announced a large tariff on South Korean washing machines. Not other appliances, just washing machines. This was to protect Whirlpool, the maker of my faulty machine. So I had bought my wonderful machine at a propitious moment in American trade policy. I don’t understand the policy, but I am glad I saved the likely 50% surcharge coming soon to an appliance store near me.


12 thoughts on ““Just In Time”

  1. I’m glad you got one that works and that is less wasteful than the older kinds. When we actually get a real president sometime (soon, I hope), then there will not be tariffs on it for the rest of us who might want to buy one.

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      1. That comment about how odd is really from Vivien. My interface got confused. In answer to Vivien, I think it was because our president takes everything personally. I think he is mad at South Korea for inviting North Korean athletes to the winter Olympics instead of starting a war with them.


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