“Some of My Outdated Skills”


I have been reflecting on various things I had to learn throughout my life which I never have use for today. The first skill was cursive writing as it was taught in 1958. I am not sure why my grade school decided to invest in new cursive alphabets to hang up in the classrooms. What I do remember most clearly was the new iteration of the capital letter Q. It made no sense at all, as it looked like the number 2, nothing like the reasonable way we had been taught to write it. When I did a search this afternoon, I saw that this odd Q is no longer taught as part of the cursive curriculum. Which is great because I was never able to reproduce it to conform to the chart. (By the way, note that the chart has, for some reason, two capital letter E’s.)

I was taught how to write a business letter, which is still useful information, though Microsoft has a template I can use for a format. However, I also had to practice folding the business letter to fit into a business envelope. It was critical to have it placed so that the recipient could grasp the folded edge and then open the letter right side up. I have never used this skill, nor have I ever stopped to notice the arrangement of any business letter I have received.

I learned how to fish with a weight, bait a hook, catch a fish, remove the hook, kill the fish, clean the fish and cook the fish. I learned that if you accidentally lock your car trunk with living catfish inside they will still be alive when the mechanic gets your trunk open the next day. I no longer go fishing, preferring to buy my fish already caught, cleaned and filleted at the fish market.

What skills do you no longer use?


21 thoughts on ““Some of My Outdated Skills”

  1. I write my own version of cursive, although we learned something very similar to the samples above. I personally am SUPREME at folding business letters in perfect thirds and always put them in the right way so they can be opened easily and are ready to read, right side up, and I actually used it five days a week when working for that lawyer for 17+ years.

    I must have learned other things that may come in handy, but am unsure what they are right now…

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      1. It seems the fastest and most efficient way to do it and still have it fit the envelope with a little dignity, instead of just being folded a whole lot. Since the letters were all legal-related, and most were us giving checks to local nonprofits, it looked more official and special, I thought.

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  2. I don’t use anything I learned in math. Frankly I’m disappointed because I had to try very hard to get Bs and Cs in math and I feel like that much effort should have given me a more useful skill.

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    1. I still bake bread. However, now that I have to pay an arm and a leg for ingredients, I no longer make jam or preserve fruit and vegetables either. I did a great deal of that when produce was shared with us from friends who had too much.

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